Why Touring Companies Love the Viper Deluxe and Orka Fog Machines


From stadium concert tours like Queen + Adam Lambert, Post Malone, and Bon Jovi, to major theatre productions like Frozen, Harry Potter, and The Book of Mormon, PRG is an entertainment technology company that’s synonymous with the biggest names in the live entertainment industry. 

Similarly, 4Wall Entertainment, a full-service lighting, video, and rigging company, services many of the top touring theatre productions and music festivals in the world, including Mamma Mia, the iHeart Country Festival, and Domefest 2019.

If you were to take a peek inside a PRG or 4Wall tour trailer, there’s a good chance you’d find Look Solutions fog machines. Both companies are long-time Look Solutions customers. If you’re not already using our machines, here are a few reasons why you should give them a look. 

Viper Deluxe and Orka with Touring Case: Everything You Need on Board

Most other high-powered fog machines require you to use a big blower or squirrel cage fan to blow fog onto a stage or into the audience. The Viper Deluxe and Orka with Touring Case from Look Solutions are both built into a rolling touring case with fan and fluid on board. Both can use quick-fog, regular-fog, or slow-fog fluids depending on the effect you’re trying to create.

The machine and fan in both models are DMX controllable, wired or wireless, and offer variable output from 0-99 percent. This allows you to create anything from a tiny cloud to thick, billowing fog in small or large venues. The control panel has an LED display with simple symbols for easy operation.

The Viper Deluxe is great for outdoor touring productions, primarily to create atmosphere and enhance lighting. With three times the power output of the Viper Deluxe, the Orka can fill up a large space in minutes, making it ideal for stadium shows, big reveals, and massive dumps of fog. Because both are built into touring cases, you can just wheel them out and plug and play.

Like all Look Solutions fog and haze machines, no maintenance is required and clogs aren’t an issue when using Look Solutions fluids and following instructions.

We recognize that touring companies are hauling tons of equipment from city to city. They need to make sure their loads are symmetrical and balanced in terms of both weight and space. In a standard trailer, you can fit six Viper Deluxe road cases or four Orka road cases side by side across the width of the trailer.

Hit the Road with Look Solutions Fog Machines

Our customers continue to tell us that the Viper Deluxe and Orka with Road Case are, hands down, the best fog machines on the market for touring concerts, theatre productions, and special events. These machines are powerful, easy to use and control, and easy to pack and transport. That’s why industry leaders like PRG and 4Wall use them constantly.

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