Unique2 Tours With Claiming America and C.A.P. Band


Agape Productions has been keeping its Unique2 haze machine from Look Solutions busy with theatrical and musical performances which demand reliability and durability show after show.

“We use the hazer extensively; it’s a staple commodity for our services,” says Terry Brick at Agape Productions. “The unit has never let us down even with the most rigorous usage.”

The easy-to-use Unique2 hazer offers variable output and minimal noise, fluid consumption and warm up time. Its internal timer and Haze-Density Control System enable individual show profiles to be programmed. A new, more efficient fan distributes the haze quickly in the room: Any desired effect can be achieved from the finest mist to a thick haze similar to fog.

Agape Productions taps the Unique2 for Claiming America, a theater company spreading the good news of the Gospel through light, sound, dance and theater. “The touring theater production uses a variety of intelligent lights and lasers,” notes Brick. “The show requires haze for lighting enhancement, but a fogger creates problems with breathing and singing for the band and the audience. Never once have we had that difficulty with the Unique hazer.”

In addition, the company takes the Unique2 on tour with Kalispell, Montana-based C.A.P. Band, which delivers vocally-driven, positive message music to audiences in a variety of venues. “The Unique hazer produces as much haze, on demand, as I need,” reports Brick. “Many of the buildings that we play in are new and have incredible ventilation systems. The Unique hazer is able to produce enough haze to stay ahead of the exhaust fans.”

Brick concludes that while “Look Solutions’ machines may cost a little more, the money is well spent. It is my sincerest belief that Look Solutions stands behind their product. They care about the customer.” He also notes that, “In this day and age, living in a disposable society, the rule of thumb is to throw things away and purchase new. But Look Solutions provides affordable alternatives by servicing existing units. I heartily endorse their products.”

Based in Germany, Look Solutions manufactures high performance fog machines, haze machines, battery-powered mini foggers, low-foggers, accessories and fluids at reasonable prices. Look Solutions USA, located in south-central Pennsylvania, serves customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. For more information, or to request a demo machine for evaluation, visit www.lookfog2.com or call Hunter Totty, Business Manager, at 1-800-426-4189.