Look Solutions Parties On Set With Showtime’s “The L-Word”


Look Solutions’ Viper NT DMX fog generator was tapped for a big party scene in the She Bar on the set of the hit Showtime series, “The L-Word,” now in its fifth season. The unit was used to create a cued special-effects cloud and for atmospheric room ambience for moving lights.

“The Viper performed beautifully,” reports Vance Vegas, President/CEO at Advanced Lighting and Special Effects, Inc. in Vancouver. ‘It had just the right hang time and density for the effect we desired. We were impressed with how responsive the unit was via the single- channel DMX. The output was surprising given the size of the unit!”

The compact Viper NT features a powerful output and simple operation. It has DMX 512 control as standard and can make fine adjustments to the output to produce effects from a tiny fog cloud to the thickest fog.

For the episode “Let’s Get This Party Started,” the show’s special effects coordinator, Chris Davis, contacted Vegas requesting a fog machine for a cue in the She Bar club.”DOP Bob Aschmann wanted a cloud of smoke to blast out on cue from beneath the DJ booth,” says Vegas. “I had read about the Viper with DMX control and tried it out. It was fantastic-everything they wanted and more.”

“We did a camera test and had the Viper operating off a DMX console for the moving lights; I provided xenon strobes and LEDs as well. On cue, we had lighting board operator, Andy Tollasepp, push a button and trigger the fogger. It was great!”

The Viper was on set for several days “and performed flawlessly the whole time,” Vegas notes. “It ultimately got a lot of use: Every scene has fog.”

Vegas was so impressed with the Viper that he purchased units for his rental inventory. He’s confident it will see a lot of use and that “The L-Word” will be calling for it again.

Vance Vegas served as first assistant special effects on the party episode. Scott Clark was the gaffer and Philippe Lacroix the rigging gaffer.

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