Unique2 Haze Machine Debuts


Look Solutions has introduced the Unique2, the latest version of its popular, water-based Unique haze machine, with many new and improved features designed to serve a host of applications. The Unique2 is available with an optional yoke for a Hanging Set configuration and in an easily-portable Touring Unique2 model.

“The Unique2 features a revamped design, finer control, new more efficient fan for quicker haze distribution, an innovative Haze-Density Control System and many other new features,” says Nathan Kahn who heads the US office of Look Solutions, a German manufacturer of high-performance fog and haze machines.

The Unique2’s more precise control takes several forms users will be sure to welcome. “Output settings which were originally 1-10 have been expanded to 1-40 for finer control over haze density,” Kahn explains. “This gives users much greater control over the lower settings which are both the most popular and the most critical.”

With this variable output, the Unique2 can achieve effects ranging from the finest mist to a thick haze, similar to fog. The machine is able to fill large or small venues with a constant haze, creating the right atmosphere and perfect enhancement for lighting effects.

The machine’s pump and fan can be adjusted separately in 99 steps to fine tune the density and output exactly. Compared to its predecessor, the Unique2 has almost 60 percent greater output with the pump set at 99.

The Unique2’s fan is more rugged and higher-quality than the original fan and more responsive to very fine adjustments of its output. A sealed fan motor means that if haze fluid should somehow end up inside the machine, the fan won’t short out. Likewise, the electronics are in a separate chamber from the fluid pump and heater preventing inadvertent shorts.

The Unique2’s special fluid guarantees minimal fluid consumption, low running costs and optimal haze effects. A single two-liter canister provides up to 50 hours of continuous output. A fluid-flow sensor shuts down the machine when fluid cannot flow freely through the heater. This prevents fluid from backing up inside the machine, which could potentially damage other components. The fluid tank is held in a bracket on the back of the machine and features a quick-release coupler making it easy to change tanks mid-show or for travel. Simply release the fill tube and cap the tank so there are no leaks.

The Unique2’s power on/off can now be controlled via DMX 512 protocol. The machine can be made to ‘sleep’ or ‘wake up’ using the DMX signal so if the hazer is being flown the user can turn the heater off and back on via DMX.

An internal timer with digital display can adjust haze time in seconds, wait time in minutes and the output of the pump and fan in percentages.

With the Unique2’s Haze-Density Control System (HDCS) an individual profile for a show can be programmed. Two levels with the required pump and fan values along with haze time can be adjusted and a pre-runtime can be programmed. The program can be activated with a radio remote, wired XLR remote or standalone controls.

In addition, the Unique2’s LED display is garnering raves from users. It is easy to see and use and will shut off after 30 seconds for unobtrusive operation in darkened environments. Any button on the display may be pressed to relight it. The Unique2 operates with a very minimal warm up time — approximately 60 seconds — and minimal sound.

The optional yoke to operate the Unique2 in the Hanging Set mode offers two major improvements over the Hanging Set for the original Unique. “It’s easier to install,” notes Kahn. “You simply remove the four rubber feet and use those four bolts through the bottom of the Hanging Set to attach the Unique2.”

DMX protocol also makes the Hanging Set more user-friendly. “You can use the DMX signal to power down the Unique2,” says Kahn. “Customers who flew the original Unique, being unable to reach the power switch on the back of the machine, had to resort to pulling the power plug. We listened to them and have addressed this issue with The Unique2.”

The new Touring Unique2 is built into a flight case for applications on the road. The portable system sports three handles for easy transport and storage and can be operated right from the case — just remove the lid and plug it in. After the one-minute warm up time, small or large amounts of haze can be created by utilizing the standalone controls or an analog or DMX controller. The Touring Unique2 has all the features of the Unique2, including pump and fan adjustment in 99 steps, minimal sound, LED display for easy operation, and minimal fluid consumption with special fluid for optimal haze effects.

Based in Germany, Look Solutions manufactures excellent-quality fog machines, haze machines, mini foggers, accessories and fluids at reasonable prices. Look Solutions USA, located in south-central Pennsylvania, serves customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. For more information visit www.fogspecs.com or call Hunter Totty, Sales Manager, at 1-800-426-4189, to request a demo Unique2 for evaluation.