Look Solutions Hazers Used On “War Of The Worlds” Movie


Waynesboro, PA — Look Solutions’ high performance Unique hazers were used extensively for the filming of War of the Worlds, a Steven Spielberg film that opens June 29. The Uniques were used to create a hazy atmosphere in the sci-fi feature that’s based on the classic H.G. Wells novel.

“The Unique’s high output and fine controllability made it the obvious choice for this customer” said Doug Weber, President of Theatre Effects, the Cincinnati-based company that supplied the machines. “In fact, its excellent reliability record, combined with its price, compact size, and the fact that it’s water-based, has made the Unique pretty much the only hazer we sell nowadays.”

The film stars Tom Cruise and is a modern day version of the classic 1953 production, but set in New England and truer to the original novel. It’s said to have required 500 effects shots, more than any other Spielberg-directed film to date. The Uniques performed flawlessly throughout this demanding schedule.

Look Solutions fog machines were also used for two other features being released in June. Herbie Fully Loaded used battery-operated Power-Tiny machines for all the car’s smoke effects, and a Viper NT fog generator was used to create smoke during the filming of Dukes of Hazzard.

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