Look Solutions Fogs Frankenstein Festivities


Look Solutions’ new mini monster, the Tiny-Fogger 2007, has reawakened Mel Brooks’ classic comedy legend Young Frankenstein. The Broadway smash hit has incorporated the durable, compact unit in various scintillating scenes, offering triggers of smoke effects with a new authenticity. The German-made, programmable TF ’07 is small enough to hide within or blend in with backdrops, props or fabric, and offers more fog for the production dollar – capable of handling the plentiful dimensions of a large theatrical stage.

According to Dave Rosenfeld of Hudson Scenic, his firm is using seven of the foggers in “various deck scenery units. We have one emitting smoke effects from the chimney in Hermit’s Cottage,” he says, “and one in the smoke stack of the train unit (which moves up and down to keep it out of sightlines before the scene). In the three consoles, we have one in the Igor console, two in the transference machine, and two in the lab control panel.” He goes on to say that in the lab scenes in which they are used to make smoke out of vents in the scenery, they “also have a Viper NT in the train unit to produce smoke out of the front of the unit through the ‘cow catcher.’”

Practical and dependable, the Tiny-Fogger 2007 features a higher-quality pump and a more rugged vaporizer. With the PCB sealed in an enclosure, fog can’t back up into the machine eventually causing a malfunction. For convenience, the TF ’07 also features a momentary fog switch on top of the fogger and an efficient Sleep Mode. A smaller, lighter lithium battery (half the size of the former lead-acid battery) makes operation a fool-proof breeze. TF ’07 is driven with a programmable microprocessor (controlling fog emission) and can be triggered with the simple start button (integrated into the lid), a handy supplied cable remote, DMX converter or timer. Warm-up time: Less than one second. Transport case included.

Leave it to Look Solutions to complement the madcap, mash-up mishaps of the hilarious Young Frankenstein with smokin’ hot effects playing against dazzling sets and props.

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