Unique2 Hazers Tapped For Student Missions Convention


When Urbana 06, the 21st Student Missions Convention hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, moved from its longtime home at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana to the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis to better accommodate attendees, it employed Look Solutions’ Unique2 hazers as part of its newly improved equipment arsenal.

At Urbana 06, over 25,000 students, missionaries, church leaders and campus leaders experienced multicultural worship and drama, Bible study, prayer, seminars, and dynamic Bible teachers and speakers during a five-day convention. Attendees explored short-term and vocational opportunities as they interacted with more than 350 mission agencies serving around the world.

Andy Meggenhofen, chief lighting director with Pendleton, Indiana-based Dodd Technologies, Inc. (DTI), integrated Unique2 hazers on the show. “The Unique2 had significantly more output than the other hazers,” he reports. “And since the Unique2 has a variable output I could crank it up for music and tone it down to a little puff for speeches. Its noise level is nothing it was no problem for the lectern mics and music mics while other brands suffer from compressor noise.”

Meggenhofen notes that hazers are part and parcel of corporate light shows today, and vendors have begun asking for water-based hazers like the Unique2. “Other hazers we’ve used have pretty significant drawbacks,” he says citing oil, noise, and having to carry CO2 to produce the haze. “And they don’t have DMX control worked out very well: All of them are either on or off and none have variable output. We wanted a hazer that was water-based, quiet and had a variable output, and the Unique2 worked great.”

The Unique2 hazer, the follow-up model to the Unique, can produce a range of effects from the finest mist to a thick haze similar to fog. It sports a programmable Haze-Density Control System, internal timer, and new, more efficient fan to quickly distribute haze in the venue. The Unique2 boasts minimal warm up time, minimal noise and minimal fluid consumption and offers easy to use buttons and LEDs and DMX 512 standard control.

“I was very impressed with the Unique2,” Meggenhofen concludes, “especially with its versatility and extremely small footprint.”

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