Tiny-Fogger Receives A Technical Oscar

fog machine in use

Why do a dazzling lineup of motion picture productions depend on the revolutionary wonder-wizard Tiny-Fogger by Look Solutions? Because years of painstaking, precision engineering, practical know-how and rigorous testing went into the development of this battery-operated, programmable unit. What’s more, its incorporation of Look Solutions famous fog-machine “trademarks” – compactness, reliability and low-maintenance durability – have helped to culminate in a big win for Tiny-Fogger developers Jorg Pohler and Rudiger Kleinke.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded a Technical Achievement Award to the developers in a ceremony at The Beverly Wilshire hotel on February 9, 2008. Unlike other Academy Awards, which honor achievements during a given year, the Technical award recipients must demonstrate a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures.

The Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate) was given to Pohler and Kleinke of OTTEC Technology GmbH for the design and development of the Tiny-Foggers. Their work was one of ten scientific and technical achievements honored by the Academy this year; 25 submissions for awards were made!

“We, at Look Solutions, are delighted and deeply honored to have been recognized by the Motion Picture Academy with this most prestigious award,” beams Nathan Kahn, owner of Look Solutions USA. “ I know I speak for both Mr. Pohler and Mr. Kleinke in saying that it is with great pride that we accept the award in the wake of their outstanding invention that offers the motion picture world convenience, value and immensely authentic fog/smoke effects.”

In the arena of special effects for motion pictures, theater and other live events, individual solutions for placing fog effects are often needed. Before the advent of the Tiny-Fogger in 1997, many conventional fog generators could not meet special-effects needs due to their size, lack of flexibility and power requirements

Jorg Pohler and Rudiger Kleinke solved that problem by not thinking big, but thinking tiny! The result was the Tiny-Fogger, the world’s tiniest fog generator. The Tiny-Fogger packs outstanding performance in a small package — 91x34x61mm and less than 300 grams — so it can easily be built into backdrops, puppets, costumes, props and more.

At the heart of the generator is a programmable microprocessor, which controls fog emission. For some applications, a fixed amount of fog may be programmed directly at the machine; this programmed output can easily be reproduced and/or changed.

A compact battery provides the Tiny-Fogger with a 12V power supply. Thanks to the device’s intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary, greatly increasing fog time..

The Tiny-Fogger is triggered by a small remote or directly at the machine; a radio remote is optional.

The fluid tank is attached externally and can vary in size and distance from the machine. A special fluid ensures that dense fog is produced with the lowest possible fluid consumption. Both the fluid tank and battery are so small that they can also be built into sets and costumes.

Among the exciting motion pictures which have employed the Tiny-Fogger are “Spider-Man 3,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” “The Producers” and “The Pink Panther” starring Steve Martin.

Last year Look Solutions introduced the TINY F07, the modified successor to the Tiny-Fogger. Its design and some of its components differ from its predecessor. The new product features a higher-quality pump and more rugged vaporizer. The PCB is now sealed in an enclosure so fog can’t back up into the machine potentially causing a malfunction. The TINY F07 has a momentary fog switch on the top of the fogger and an efficient Sleep-Mode. It operates with a smaller, lighter Lithium battery half the size of the former lead-acid battery, and warm up time is less than one second. Best of all, the price of the TINY F07 is the same as that of the original Tiny Fogger (on Look Solutions’ 2007 price list).

Notes Kahn: “For less than you’d expect, we offer an award-winning fog machine that won’t obstruct your props, scenery, actors or time. Call us today for a demo to see what Look Solution’ TINY F07 can do!”

About Look Solutions

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