New Product – Touring Unique


Look Solutions’ popular water-base hazer, the Unique, is now available as a touring version. The new Touring Unique is built into a flight case. It can be operated without taking it out of the case – just remove the lid and plug it in – warmup time is only 1 minute. Then you can create huge (or small) amounts of water-base haze by utilizing the stand-alone controls, or an Analog or DMX controller. The pump and fan can be adjusted separately in steps of 1%, so any desired effect can be achieved. The machine is practically silent and the LED-display and clear symbols allow for easy operation. Special fluid yields an optimal haze effect with minimal fluid consumption (the 2 liter canister lasts, on average, 50 hours). The Touring Unique has 3 handles for easy transporting and storage. Warranty is one year. More information is available at or by calling 1-800-426-4189.