Look Solutions Viper NT’s at Super Bowl LI Halftime Show


The Look Solutions Viper NT has become the go-to solution for creating trickles of smoke for extended periods of time.  We saw this at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, the Beyonce Formation Tour, and now the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show.  Unlike other foggers on the market, the Viper NT’s output is adjustable in 1% increments (you want 17% – you get 17%), and is smooth and consistent even at the low settings (no puff puff puff).  Add to this the superior reliability of Look Solutions products, the fact that no regular cleaning/maintenance is required, their small footprint and comparatively low power consumption, and its easy to see why we are seeing the Viper NT specified more and more for critical applications.

Click image to watch entire Lady Gaga Half Time performance.

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