Kevin Harris Chooses Look Solutions Foggers and Hazers for “Burn Notice,” New Tom Cruise Movie and Upcoming Starz Series

Burn Notice

Special effects guru Kevin Harris is a fan of Look Solutions’ foggers and hazers and uses them every chance he gets, especially on the USA Network hit series “Burn Notice” where he serves as special effects coordinator.

“I used the Unique2 hazer on the entire last season of ‘Burn Notice,’” he says.  “I also used the Viper NT and Viper S foggers since we do a lot of explosions on the show.  The reason I use the Vipers more than any other machines is because I can work them off remotes; I can put out eight machines and have one button work them all.”

The Unique2 haze machine offers minimal warm up time, minimal noise and minimal fluid consumption.  Its new, more efficient fan quickly distributes haze in a room, and its variable output can achieve any desired effect from the finest mist to a thick haze similar to fog.

The Viper NT fogger unites current digital technology with proven technique and power.  It features DMX 512 as standard, has an internal timer and easy-to-use LED-display panel, and offers fine adjustment of the output to produce everything from a tiny fog cloud to the thickest fog. The compact, lightweight Viper S is known for its low power- and fluid-consumption but powerful output.  Equipped with all the features and reliability of the Viper range, the unit is an inexpensive alternative to bigger machines.

The TINY FX fogger’s remote capabilities also make it a natural for “Burn Notice,” he points out.  “I have three and use them for all kinds of things, including for an open freezer on the show.  They are so small and easy to hide and are great for making something appear to malfunction.  I’ve also used TINYs on the movies ‘Stuck on You’ and ‘Fast and Furious.’”

Truly small in its footprint, the lightweight TINY FX consists of just two components: the machine and its battery pack.  It delivers efficiency and punch in a unit that’s easy to use anywhere.

Harris reports that he also put his Unique2 hazer at work on the upcoming film “Rock of Ages,” starring Tom Cruise – “we went through 30 gallons of fluid on that show” – and the new Starz network series, “Magic City.”  The hazer has also been deployed at night clubs and marinas.

“I love Look Solutions’ products,” he says.  “Everything works well with no problems.  I get very good distance on the remotes with no interference.  Look Solutions’ hazers and foggers work for me all the way around.”