Cryo-Fog Low-Lying Fog Machine


The Cryo-Fog is a new product from Look Solutions for creating fog that stays low to the ground. Unlike competitive units, the Cryo-Fog is extremely small – its flightcase-style housing holds the fog generator, cooling chamber, and a 5-liter bottle of Cyro-Fog Fluid. An external Liquid CO2 tank is required, which can be delivered by your local gas or welding supply company. Bulk tanks are available for permanent installations. (photo courtesy Michael S. Eddy)

The Cryo-Fog is extremely efficient, typically consuming just 1 liter of CO2 per minute of fog output. This means a standard size 180 liter tank can provide 3 hours of low fog! That’s the longest yield time of any low fog machine currently on the market.

The Cryo-Fog currently is available in 230V only – a 120V unit for the North American market will be available soon; however, the 20 amps of 230V required by this machine can be found fairly easily in most performance venues. (photo courtesy mondo*dr)

Click here for the Specification Sheet for the Cryo-Fog
Click here for the Instruction Manual for the Cryo-Fog