Cryo-Fog, A New Low-Fog System, Debuts At LDI


Look Solutions introduced the CRYO-FOG, its new low-fog system, at LDI 2006, the largest US trade show and conference focused on technologies for live entertainment industries. The CRYO-FOG joined the new Touring Power-Tiny, a travel-ready version of Look Solutions’ popular battery-operated Power-Tiny fog generator, which also made its debut at LDI.

The CRYO-FOG uses Look Solutions’ Low-Fog fluid and an external tank of liquid CO2 to produce its dense clouds of low-lying fog. Low fog is an impressive effect for dance, theater, haunted attractions or almost any live performance.

Unlike other products currently on the market, which first make regular fog and then convert it to low fog, the CRYO-FOG creates low fog straight from the nozzle. This makes it far more efficient (it consumes just one liter of CO2 per minute) and far smaller (26x20x12 inches) than all previously-available products.

The CRYO-FOG has been developed by the same German engineers who invented the first battery-powered fog machine (the Scotty), the smallest fog machine in the world (the Tiny-Fogger), the most powerful standard-production fog machine in the world (the Orka), and the first water-based hazer to use a combination of air pressure, fluid pressure and heat (first introduced in the Unique, this process is now an industry standard). The CRYO-FOG is produced with the same high standard of design and quality control as these other innovative and award-winning products.

Additionally, the CRYO-FOG features an adjustable cooling temperature, which allows the height of the low fog to be varied. Fine adjustments of the pump are made in increments of 1% so any desired effect — from a tiny cloud to the thickest fog — can be produced. The fan is also adjustable in 1% increments. Heat-up time is approximately 10 minutes. DMX 512 control is standard; a control panel with LED display and simple symbols permits easy operation.

Based in Germany, Look Solutions manufactures high performance fog machines, haze machines, mini foggers, accessories and fluids at reasonable prices. Look Solutions USA, located in south-central Pennsylvania, serves customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. For more information, or to request a demo machine for evaluation, visit or call Hunter Totty, Sales Manager, at 1-800-426-4189.