Center Stage At The Carolina Opry


As if the Carolina Opry doesn’t have atmosphere galore, Look Solutions’ Unique2 hazers lend additional atmospheric effects to the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina venue’s music variety shows which have been dubbed a hot ticket nationwide.

Launched by entertainer and entrepreneur Calvin Gilmore in 1986, the Carolina Opry’s live music variety show features America’s top singers, dancers, comedians and musicians performing in a 2,200-seat theater. The show blends humor and dance with every musical genre from rock n’ roll and Broadway to country, classic hits, pop tunes and gospel. In November and December the theater is transformed into a winter wonderland for the annual Carolina Opry Christmas Special.

“We have three Unique2 hazers and have been extremely pleased with them,” says Paul Sweetman, at the Carolina Opry. The Unique2, the follow-up model of the Unique, offers minimal warm up time, variable output from the finest mist to a thick haze, a new Haze-Density Control System, quick dispensation of haze, and minimal noise.The Carolina Opry’s applications play to the haze machine’s strengths. “I leave one hazer running most of the evening keeping a small amount of haze in the air continuously,” Sweetman explains. “I use the other two if I need to get a lot of haze on stage quickly. If I want to bolster a really rockin’ number, the Unique2s can really get a lot of haze out in a short amount of time. And when I need the stage to be haze-free, 10 minutes after I turn off the units there’s no evidence of haze in the air. With other units I used there was a long hang time and a lot of oil residue.”

Sweetman is also pleased with “the nice texture of haze” output by the Unique2s and by the whiteness of the haze they generate which “causes light to shine more brilliantly.”

Before acquiring the Unique2 hazers Sweetman used to be troubled by fixtures dripping oil. “With the Unique2s, everything stays cleaner and the cleaning time has been reduced. We use a lot of video equipment, and the old hazers would ruin our projectors,’ he reports.

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