Touring Cryo-Gate


(includes ATA case plus accessories)

The Cryo-Gate is an external CO2 device that can be put in front of any pre-existing regular fogger. It uses common high pressure CO2 to create a low-lying fog from the output of any professional fog machine, when an appropriate fog fluid is used.

By using the Cryo-Gate and a high pressure tank of CO2, any suitable fog generator can produce low fog. It is necessary to use a CO2-tank with siphon tube, and we highly advise an 8″ ducting hose on the output, for the most even and stable fog effect.

This particular assembly includes the ATA Case for the Cryo-Gate, 10 meter hose and CO2 siphon hose.

Please note: Only use quick disappearing fog fluid to avoid the chance that the fog will get warm and rise.  When using with Look Solutions fog machines, use Cryo-Fog Fluid.

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Touring Cryo-Gate
Touring Cryo-Gate