Tiny FX


The Tiny FX is a 70 W, battery powered, handheld fog generator. The Tiny FX includes an external, wired 12V battery and a removable fluid syringe. Commonly used for smaller and hidden atmospheric applications, the unit conveniently supports control via wired or wireless remote and DMX control. The Tiny FX comes with 6 fluid syringes, battery, charger, and a 250 ml bottle of Tiny Fluid.

Tiny FX AC Powered includes a power supply that plugs into a standard AC outlet, and a larger 250 ml Fluid tank with Fluid Hose Adapter.  It does not include the battery, charger, or case.

Tiny FX Stand-Alone comes with a 250 ml Fluid reservoir and Fluid Hose Adapter only.  It does not include the battery, charger, or case.  Designed for customers who already have their own power supply.

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Tiny FX
Tiny FX
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