Orka deLuxe


The Orka deLuxe is a 9000 watt fog generator installed in a wheeled touring/road case with a fan. The high powered fan is used to move and dissipate the large amounts of fog that the Orka creates.  The Orka deLuxe is the most powerful machine available on the market. It can be used to fill arenas and stadiums with a smoke or haze effect.  The standard unit requires 3 x 230V phases of power.  Machines for North America are wired for single phase 208-230V @ 50A.  The vents are filtered to prevent debris or confetti from being drawn into the machine.  The 20L onboard tank allows hours of use before refilling.  The fog and fan are each adjustable from 0-100% via DMX or from the controls on the back of the unit.

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Orka Deluxe
Orka deLuxe