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Tiny FX Stand-Alone

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The Tiny FX Stand-alone is a 70 W, battery powered, handheld fog generator. The Tiny FX Stand-alone includes an external tank and tank adapter. Commonly used for smaller and hidden atmospheric applications, the unit conveniently supports control via wired or wireless remote and DMX control.  (Does not include battery, charger, or case.  This product is for customers who will use their own power supply.)


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The TINY FX is the latest, modified successor of the Tiny F07. The design and also some components have been changed: Due to the installation of a smaller, efficient pump, dimensions and weight could be reduced again. The fluid reservoir can be screwed directly into the machine. Thus, an external fluid tank and fluid tube are not necessary and this tiny fog machine only has two components: machine and battery pack.

The Idea

In the field of special effects, equipment for theatre, musicals and movies, individual solutions for placing fog effects are often needed.

Until now, many great ideas have failed due to the size, lack of exibility and price.

The Solution

The Tiny FX is called tiny, and its dimensions truly are tiny (L=9.8cm,W=4.4cm,H=3.4cm).In this small package, technology of outstanding performance has been realized.

The Tiny FX is a fog generator that fills the gap, due to its small size and its programmability.

The Generator

With the small dimensions and the light weight of only 180 grams, this little gadget can be easily built into back- drops, puppets, costumes and props. The heart of the generator is a programmable micro-processor which controls the fog emission. State of the Art technology opens a wide field of applications to the user. For some applications it will be useful to program in a fixed fog amount. This can be done directly at the machine. The programmed fog amount can easily be reproduced and/or changed.

A compact battery (L=10.5cm,W=4.4cm,H=4.1cm) supplies the Tiny FX with the 11.1 V supply. The small dimensions and the light weight of 200 grams ensures an easy hiding or installation.

The modular design of fog generator and battery pack ensure utmost flexibility for individual uses.

Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary.
Thus the fog time is greatly increased compared to other battery powered machines.


The Tiny FX is triggered with a start button which is integrated into the lid of the machine.
Also you can trigger the generator with the supplied cable remote. The remote will be connected to the machine by using a mini-stereo-jack cable. As an option, you can also control the machine with a radio remote or via DMX 512 with a DMX-converter.

Minimal fluid consumption

The fluid reservoir for the generator will be supplied ready to use and filled with Tiny-Fluid. The reservoir will be simply screwed into the machine.
The reservoirs can be refilled and therefore can be used several times.
The Tiny-Fluid ensures a dense fog is produced with the lowest of fluid consumption (approx. 2.3 ml/min. at continuous output).


The vaporizer of the machine can be easily changed by the user on site.

Manual | Download
Specsheet | Download
Fluid MSDS | Download
Change Vaporizer Instructions | Download
Radio Remote Instructions | Download
Timer Instructions | Download
Fluid Consumption | View Chart

Demonstration of the Tiny FX output.
Download Video

Look Solutions Tiny FX.
Download Video

Demonstration of the Tiny FX output with Ducting Plate & Y Adapter.
Download Video

Additional information

Shipping Weight 6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in

Battery Powered (default), AC Powered (PSU instead of Battery)

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