FAQ for Fog, Haze and COVID-19

By May 14, 2020
1)  Does Look Solutions fog or haze affect the way that germs and bacteria spread in the air?

No.  Regular air is filled with invisible tiny droplets of water, which is the humidity.  When you use a fog machine, you are adding visible tiny droplets of glycol.  In both cases, air remains a gas with drops of liquid suspended in it, so germ travel will be the same.

2)  Does Look Solutions fog or haze affect the potential amount of COVID-19 in the air?

Possibly.  Some of the active ingredients in Look Solutions fog and haze fluids have been shown to inactivate the influenza viruses.  It’s unknown whether these ingredients kill COVID-19, or if the concentration in fog and haze is enough to kill COVID-19.

3)  Are there any extra safety measures that should be taken when using fog or haze during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The normal safety measures for using fog and haze still apply, and the normal safety measures for working during the pandemic still apply.  There are no extra safety measures due to a combination of fog and pandemic.


For additional information regarding Fluid Safety and Standards:

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