COVID-19 Doesn’t Like Look Solutions Fog & Haze

By March 12, 2020
For the most current information, please refer to this newer article:


When you can see the air, such as when it’s full of fog or haze, you are more inclined to worry about the things that are in it.  Today, people are especially worried about the chance of Coronavirus in the air.

Performers and technicians may be inclined to believe that the fog is helping potential Coronavirus move from Point A to Point B, but actually the opposite is true! 

According to the study in the link below, “Triethylene glycol vapor has been found to exert a rapid lethal action against a wide variety of infectious airborne agents.”  It’s been demonstrated against “influenza, meningopneumonitis, and psittacosis.” Although it has not been tested specifically on Covid-19, there’s no reason to think that this virus would react differently from the other viruses.

In conclusion, although Look Solutions fog and haze does not literally sanitize the air, according to the chart in the below document, it does reduce the concentration and consequently the possible transmission of viruses through the air.

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