Fog Machine Accessories

Whether you’re looking to simulate billowing smoke after a large explosion, or steam from a tea kettle, Look Solutions has the fog machine to produce the atmosphere, special effect, and emotion you need. Our Battery Power fog machines are small and portable, perfect for shooting on location or building into a costume or prop.  Standard Power fog machines plug into a common AC outlet to provide fog on demand, for as long as you need it.  High Power fog machines require 208V or 230V power and are for applications where huge amounts of fog are required.  Low Fog and Haze are two others types of fog that can be created with Look Solutions machines.

Glycol-based fluids have been used by the entertainment industry for decades. Look Solutions fluids are pure, clean and safe, and exceed industry standards. Of course, just having safe ingredients isn’t enough. You need the appropriate formula to achieve your desired effect, and you need a machine that will vaporize it correctly. Look Solutions makes fluids that are capable of creating any fog or haze effect, and machines that will safely and reliably convert these fluids into an atmospheric effect.

Look Solutions offers a wide range of accessories for controlling, powering, mounting and transporting your fog and haze machines. Designed with the same level of quality and attention to detail as our machines, Look Solutions accessories will enable you to get the most from your investments by maximizing efficiency, reliability and ease of use.