Battery-Powered Foggers

Look Solutions manufactures a complete line of mini fog machines – both battery-powered and AC-powered models.

The Tiny-Fogger FX is only 4 inches long and it’s battery-powered, so it can be concealed in very small spaces without any wires leading to it. It can be controlled via Radio Remote or Radio DMX.

The Tiny-CX is a small handheld fog machine. It’s very simply to use, and very handy since it is also battery-powered. Just push the button on the handle to make fog anywhere you like, whenever you like. Totally self-contained, it is truly a mini fog machine.

The Power-Tiny is our highest output mini fogger. It rivals the output of many AC-powered fog machines, even though it’s much smaller and runs off a rechargeable battery.

The Tiny S is the latest version of the successful Tiny series. In addition to the fluid reservoir also the battery can now be screwed directly into the machine. Thus, any external cable or fluid tube is no longer necessary and the Tiny S consists of only one component.

Our Tiny-Foggers are the smallest battery-powered fog machines in the world!

All Look Solutions fog machines are designed and built in-house by our talented German engineers. They are the most compact and efficient foggers in the industry today.