Look Solutions Info

Look Solutions is a German manufacturer of high performance fog and haze equipment. We maintain a large inventory of machines, fluids, parts and accessories in our Wilmington warehouse. Our products are renowned for their high reliability. When you need a smoke effect, you can be confident our products will perform as required.

Our products range from tiny, battery-powered fog machines to mega-output 9-kilowatt fog generators. The effect can be fast dissipating or long lasting, depending on your needs. We also have low fog generators (the Cryo-Fog) and water-base hazers (the Unique 2.1). Most products have built-in timers and DMX interfaces, and all have variable manual control. Radio remotes are optional.

Look Solutions products are utilized on most Broadway shows, major film productions, and TV shows. This is due to the high reliability, compact size, and low power consumption of our machines.


Tiny S

Tiny FX

Tiny CX

Power Tiny

Viper S

Viper NT

Unique 2.1


Cryo Fog HP