Haze Machines

Haze is a thin, translucent effect used for lighting/atmosphere enhancement. Haze consists of very fine liquid droplets that are distributed evenly over a large area to form a mist. Some hazers vaporize fluid by forcing it through a heater, and others vaporize it using high air pressure.

Look Solutions manufactures the Unique – a water-base haze machine that our customers tell us is the best in the industry. This high output machine features independent, variable adjustment of pump and fan, so that any haze effect can be quickly produced and easily maintained.

In 2006 we introduced the Unique 2.1, with several improvements and added features over the original Unique, such as higher volume fan, built-in timer, and air filtration. We were able to do this without increasing the price, due to the fact that all R&D, engineering, and manufacturing is done in-house at our modern facility in Germany.

Water-base Haze Machines

Our water-base haze machines are the most reliable in the industry, and the only ones that do not require regular maintenance (no cleaning of the heater is ever required). The heater is guaranteed not to clog provided nothing but pure Unique Fluid passes through it.



UNIQUE 2.1 Hazer