Did you tune in to see the Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd? If you missed it, here is the opening performance from Britney Spears! Look Solutions Viper NT’s with Quick Fog are providing the heavy atmospherics for the performance. A big thank you to Strictly F/X for continually having faith in our machines! read more →

Look Solutions’ Cryo Fog HP essential to Lady GaGa Tonight Show Performance. Williamsport, MD (Feb. 18, 2014) – Look Solutions’ Cryo Fog HP played an essential role in providing a safe performance for Lady Gaga on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, February 18, 2014. An email from John Greenfield Special Effects Director For NBC.. read more →

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new online store! This new store exists separately from the main site and allows us to better serve our customers. Accounts created on the old store system were not carried over to the new store. This means that you will be required to create a new account. We.. read more →

Look Solutions is proud to launch two ultra-efficient, battery-driven performers, the Tiny FX and Tiny CX for theatre, film, TV, concerts and celebrations. The Tiny FX is the newest, modified version of the successful Tiny series fog generators. Boasting smaller pump and dimensions, plus remarkably light weight (180 grams), the modular-design Tiny FX contains a.. read more →

Lending an elegant touch to weddings since 1987, catering and event space Russo’s On The Bay makes lavish use of Look Solutions’ Tiny Fogger F07 for the bride and groom’s grand entrance before family and friends. Explains Michael Russo,  “We’d had a matrimonial show featuring fog in each step of a set of stairs that.. read more →

Look Solutions’ foggers and hazers have been racking up motion picture credits lately with Story Teller FX Group providing sales and rentals of Unique hazers and Viper NT and Power-Tiny foggers to no less than four feature films.  Story Teller is a special effects equipment rental and supply company based in Jefferson, Louisiana. “I’ve been.. read more →

Take 15 “live” dinosaurs, add in elements of escapism, excitement and factual information, and what’s the missing piece of the puzzle? If you answered “special effects”, you’ve nailed it down. And so have the talented folks at Illinois- and California-based theatrical lighting company Upstaging, Inc., who used Look Solutions’ water-based Unique2 Hazer for the new.. read more →

When Toyota shot its hilarious “Remote Control” NASCAR spot in Charlotte, North Carolina Look Solutions’ Power Tiny was on hand to smoke up veteran driver Michael Waltrip’s Camry. “A lot of people couldn’t believe how small and quiet the Power Tiny was and how much smoke it produced for its size,” says Barry Davis of.. read more →

Why do a dazzling lineup of motion picture productions depend on the revolutionary wonder-wizard Tiny-Fogger by Look Solutions? Because years of painstaking, precision engineering, practical know-how and rigorous testing went into the development of this battery-operated, programmable unit. What’s more, its incorporation of Look Solutions famous fog-machine “trademarks” – compactness, reliability and low-maintenance durability –.. read more →

Look Solutions’ CRYO-FOG low-fog system played a role in the return run of the Broadway hit “Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical,” which enchanted audiences at New York City’s St. James Theatre during the holiday season. In the record-breaking show, whose engagement ended January 6, the Grinch discovered there was more to.. read more →