Fog and haze differ in that fog is a thick, opaque effect that lasts a short time, while haze is a thin, translucent effect that lasts a long time. Fog is used as a special effect, whereas haze is used for lighting/atmosphere enhancement. Fog Whether created by nature or machine, fog consists of liquid droplets.. read more →

Look Solutions has introduced the Unique2, the latest version of its popular, water-based Unique haze machine, with many new and improved features designed to serve a host of applications. The Unique2 is available with an optional yoke for a Hanging Set configuration and in an easily-portable Touring Unique2 model. “The Unique2 features a revamped design,.. read more →

Waynesboro, PA — Look Solutions’ high performance Unique hazers were used extensively for the filming of War of the Worlds, a Steven Spielberg film that opens June 29. The Uniques were used to create a hazy atmosphere in the sci-fi feature that’s based on the classic H.G. Wells novel. “The Unique’s high output and fine.. read more →

Look Solutions fog generators are out in full force at Broadway’s Hilton Theatre this year. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang uses a dozen of the German-made machines to create the required atmospheric effects, night after night. Tiny Foggers are used in several props throughout the performance. Its tiny size and the fact that it’s battery-powered means.. read more →

Look Solutions’ popular water-base hazer, the Unique, is now available as a touring version. The new Touring Unique is built into a flight case. It can be operated without taking it out of the case – just remove the lid and plug it in – warmup time is only 1 minute. Then you can create.. read more →