The Look Solutions Viper NT has become the go-to solution for creating trickles of smoke for extended periods of time.  We saw this at the Rio OIympics Opening Ceremony, the Beyonce Formation Tour, and now the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show.  Unlike other foggers on the market, the Viper NT’s output is adjustable in 1%.. read more →

With the Olympics being among the highest profile of events, internationally, it is imperative to have a reliable production. Millions of viewers watching, enjoying the most modern live design today has to offer yields a need for flawless performance. It is no surprise that the Viper NT was the productions go-to fog unit. Check out this quick.. read more →

There are several types of fog machines, but this article will deal with the type that uses fog fluid and converts it into a smoke-like effect.  These are commonly used in haunted houses, on dance floors, and on stages. There are many manufacturers and models so it’s impossible to say whether all are safe, but.. read more →

    When an artist like Beyoncé hits the road for a tour, it is typically a massive undertaking. A large crew, high budget production, and top performing equipment to ensure the highest quality of entertainment. The Formation Tour of 2016 was nothing short of a traveling juggernaut for the touring and production industry. A.. read more →

Did you tune in to see the Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd? If you missed it, here is the opening performance from Britney Spears! Look Solutions Viper NT’s with Quick Fog are providing the heavy atmospherics for the performance. A big thank you to Strictly F/X for continually having faith in our machines! read more →

Fog Fluid Pumping Station! Supply several fog generators with liquid. The Fog Fluid Pumping Station can supply fog fluid to up to 32 connected haze or fog generators, at heights of up to 15 m. Each machine must be equipped with a special Fluid Reservoir, which can be easily connected to any Look machine via.. read more →

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new online store! This new store exists separately from the main site and allows us to better serve our customers. Accounts created on the old store system were not carried over to the new store. This means that you will be required to create a new account. We.. read more →

Look Solutions’ TINY CX compact, battery-operated fog generator is small enough to be wearable but who knew it would form the basis for the Smoke Dress? Developed by Netherlands-based fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht in collaboration with designer Aduen Darriba, the Smoke Dress was unveiled at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival in Rotterdam and is currently.. read more →

Look Solutions’ Unique2.1 hazer made its debut with the Penn State Thespians when the theatrical company recently premiered the musical “Aida” in a four-performance run at the 946-seat Schwab Auditorium on campus. Founded in 1897, the Penn State Thespians marked their 200th show with the staging of the musical version of the Verdi opera. “Aida”.. read more →

Look Solutions’ foggers and hazers are enhancing The Holy Land Experience for visitors to the Orlando-based living biblical museum and park.  The attraction, a mission of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, brings the world of the Bible alive through educational, inspirational, theatrical and historical elements. The Holy Land Experience has invested in an array of Look.. read more →