Product Comparison Charts


After significant comparison testing, Disney chose to switch to our Unique hazer for all of their Lion King shows worldwide. As of 2/1/05 we have no knowledge of any customer being dissatisfied with a Unique, nor have we heard of any customer switching from a Unique to a competing product.

HAZERSLook Solutions UniqueLe Maitre NeutronReel EFX DF-50JEM ZR24/7
Water / Glycol Based FluidYesNoNoYes
Built-In DMXYesNoNoYes
Built-In Fan Adjustable From 1-99YesNoNoNo
Pump Output Adjustable From 1-99YesNoNoNo
Hazes Large Areas QuicklyYesNoNoYes
Suitable For Outdoor UseYesNoNoYes
Actors Equity CompliantYesYesYesYes
No Cleaning NecessaryYesNoNoNo
Low Fluid ConsumptionYesYesYesNo
60-Second Warm-UpYesNoN/ANo
Practically SilentYesYesNoNo
Continuous OutputYesYesYesYes
Hanging Bracket AvailableYesYesNoNo


There are so many fog machines on the market, it’s not really possible to compare ours to all of them. Please find below a checklist that you can fill in to compare our Viper NT to other machines.

FOGGERSLook Solutions Viper NTOther Fog Machine
Output (Measured By Fluid Consumption)120 ml (cc) Per Minute?????????????????
Output ProjectionUp To 50′?
Max. Blast Duration At Full Output40 Seconds?
Max. Blast Duration At 50% OutputUnlimited?
Output Adjustable In 1% IncrementsYes?
Smooth Output Even At Low SettingsYes?
“Puffs” When I Don’t Want It ToNo?
Fully Addressable 5-Pin XLR DMX Built-InYes?
Fully Programmable Digital Timer Built-InYes?
Actors Equity CompliantYes?
Compact SizeYes (Just 9.5″H, 12.75″L, 9″W w/o Fluid Rack)?
Operates In Any Orientation – Even Pointing Straight UpYes?
3-Pin XLR Connector For Traditional (Analog) RemoteYes?
Fogger Can Be Shut Down/Powered Up From DMX ConsoleYes?
Stores Digital Timer Programming When Powered Off – Automatically Resumes Timer Operation When Powered Up If DesiredYes?
ATA Flight Case AvailableYes?
Suitable For Outdoor UseYes?
Hanging Set w/ Drip Tray AvailableYes?
Ducting Adapter AvailableYes?
Digital Stand-Alone ControlsYes?
Microprocessor ControlledYes?
Requires Periodic Cleaning/Flushing Of The HeaterNO!?
Running Any Cleaning Solution, Even Plain Distilled Water, Through The Heater Will Void The WarrantyYES!?
You’re Telling Me The Machine Will Not Clog As Long As I Follow The Manual, And I Never Need To Run A Cleaning Solution Through It?THAT’S RIGHT!?
Quick Dissipating, Medium Lasting, and Long Lasting Fog Fluids AvailableYes?
Control Panel With LED Display And Simple Symbols For Easy OperationYes?
Long-Lasting Reliable Operation (Lowest Repair Rate Of Any Machine On The Market)*Yes?

* Let me put it this way. As of 2/1/05, we’ve fixed 3 (that’s right – 3) Viper NTs since we began selling them in North America (in 2001), and 2 of those were subjected to severe customer abuse. Also, no Heater has ever clogged or failed in any Viper NT that’s been sold in North America.


Our Research & Development Department in Germany is second to none, as you can see from the following chart.

SPECIALTY FOGGERSLook SolutionsOther Manufacturers
Makes Battery-Powered Fog MachinesYes (3 models)No
Makes The Smallest Fog Machine In The WorldYes (Tiny-Fogger just 4″ long)No
Makes The Most Powerful Standard-Production Fog Machine In The WorldYes (Orka – 9,000 watts)No